August 22, 2012

Super Grade Level Team!

I'm so excited for our 4th grade team this year!  We've already been spending time together enjoying one another's company and doing some early planning and I am loving the flow of ideas among everyone.  I really got an idea of how this year is going to go as I left school yesterday afternoon and realized that the only teachers who had been at school working for the last 2 hours were our 4th grade team.  That kind of dedication to our students and enthusiasm for teaching is going to lead to some incredible things this school year!

Because we have such a SUPER team and 4th grade is such a SUPER grade, we've hooked ourselves on the SUPER idea and are zooming ahead full force.  On the first day of classes (not parent teacher conferences) our kiddos will be greeted by a unified front of SUPER teachers wearing this sweet shirts we designed and made.  I'm loving that it not only unifies our grade level in a way that will excite students, but with our names on the back, all of the little ones will be able to call us by name on that first day!

We made the designs on the computer and printed them on Iron-On t-shirt transfer paper.  The only other supplies were an iron and blank tshirts we picked up at Hobby Lobby.  Total cost per shirt?  Only about $7 - definitely cheaper for only 4 of them than if we'd gone to a printer and they turned out great!