July 14, 2012

Classroom Pillows

One of the things I've been wanting in my classroom for awhile is pillows!  I love letting my kids spread themselves out around our room while they are working and reading, but some of the positions they come up with look terribly uncomfortable.  I always wish they had a pillow to prop themselves up with or lean on but was hesitant about bringing pillows into the room.  I know how much dust and how many germs a pillow can contain and couldn't shake the idea of a head lice outbreak from my thoughts. 

Still - I wanted pillows!

I think I've found a way that I'm comfortable bringing them into the room.  I got some pillow forms at JoAnn Fabric - 50% off each with my additional 15% my total purchase as a teacher = great deal!  I then found some vinyl tablecloths in fun summer colors and used these as my fabric for pillow cases.  I'm excited about this because of a few reasons 1) they are so bright and cheerful! 2) they were really cheap - I didn't pay more than $2 a piece and I only used 3 table cloths 3) since they were cheap and super easy, if they get ruined I won't be upset about making new ones 4) since they are vinyl, I can wipe them off with an antibacterial wipe whenever I start to get the heeby-jeebies about how many little noses have been laying across them!

I'm excited for my classroom to be done being cleaned so I can get these into it!


  1. These are exactly what I was looking for! Can you give a tutorial...hopefully not too difficult.

    1. I'd be happy to! I'll work on one for tomorrow - glad to help!

    2. I am curious if these held up. I used a vinyl tablecloth as a cover for a bean bag, but it was destroyed in just a couple of days.

  2. I'd also love to know how you made out with these.

  3. Did these last very long? Also did you hot glue the vinyl or were you able to sew it together?

  4. What a terrific idea! I know what I'll be working on this summer!