October 31, 2012

Genre Webs

Since today is Halloween but our fall 'harvest' parties aren't for a couple of weeks, my coteacher and I decided to squeeze in some Halloween fun with our normal lessons.  One way we did this was with genre webs!

Our class has been talking about genres briefly all year as we read different texts, so this was a great way to review each genre and compare them side by side using only key distinguishing characteristics. 

To make it a bit more festive we gave students time at the end of the lesson to add fingerprint spiders to their pages.  Because really, what's a spider web without some cute (or creepy) spiders??  My 4th graders LOVED this lesson and hated that I made them put their webs into their response journal folders to use as references - they wanted to take the pages home to share!

If you're still feeling in the Hallween spirit and would like to use this with your students, I'm happy to share the web page I created!


  1. awesome web!!! thanks you so much for sharing

  2. Really nice !! thanks for sharing !! ;)

  3. Thank you! It's perfect for our Halloween Week introduction to genres!

  4. Please share with me. chandalawson@anderson5.net