February 9, 2012

Sliding Around the Southeast

Our 4th grade Social Studies curriculum is currently centered on the Regions of the United States.  I say 'currently' becuase you never know how things will be changing as we work to align with the Iowa Core.  For now, we're learning about the states in the United States and I must say that I love teaching them!  I love social studies and was thrilled when I got the chance to teach all of our social studies this year - it is so fun to have some freedom to explore with these units!  For example, right now my kiddos are working on 3D maps of the states in the Southeast region and they are looking so neat!  They'll be finishing them up next week and giving presentations to share their knowledge.  Lots of pictures to come!

For now I'll share an activity I created for them to practice recognizing the states and matching up the states with their capitals.  I had a substitute in my room all day today so I could do DRA2 testing on my students and this was an easy way for them to practice while also being an easy plan to leave for the sub!  I called it Sliding Around the Southeast States and Capitals.  What I loved most is that it gave specific directions for them to practice with, but after completing the 10 directions I gave they could continue to give more directions to their partner!

And of course, I'm in the sharing mood!  You can find the PDF version of this activity here!

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