March 1, 2012

Celebrating Seuss!

I've had lots of things to post lately, but with the end of the trimester and what seems like 800 other things happening at school lately, I just haven't gotten them up!  New posts WILL be coming though!

Tonight I just wanted to share our cute little Truffula trees we made to help us celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.  We had our birthday celebration a day early because our district's girls basketball team played in the State tournament this week and there was a chance of us not having school tomorrow.  Unfortunately, they lost a heartbreaker on Wednesday and we'll be back in action tomorrow.

To celebrate Dr. Seuss each grade level was assigned a color to wear for the day - thankfully our fourth grade crew was in purple - my favorite!  Our grade level team hung purple streamers down our hallway and we mixed our classes to read Dr. Seuss books in the 'party' hallway this morning. 

Throughout the day we also had Stop, Drop, and Read times announced by the principal - the kids LOVED this and although we were only told to read for 5 minutes, my kids begged to read longer - who am I to stop them from reading?!  We kept track of our class' total minutes read and ended up with 1,900 minutes of reading accomplished today! 

For every 200 minutes, we planted another Truffula tree in our little piece of land.  The Truffula trees were made from pom-poms glued to crazy straws.  I put a piece of floral foam in a bowl and covered it with Easter grass to be our land.

Do you see our cute little Lorax hanging out among the trees?  That was the kids' idea - we made him quick at the end of the day to protect our trees overnight! :)

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