March 7, 2012

Creative Writing

I have been loving the FREE monthly creative writing booklets created by Ashleigh at Ashleigh's Education Journey.  I never did print February's, but I made the booklets for January.  For March I've changed it up a bit.  We do 'work on writing' as one of our rotations during guided reading, but I wasn't getting the accountability that I wanted with the rotation.  To fix that problem I printed the pages of Ashleigh's booklet as full page copies with a few copies of each page.  These are all in a folder, sorted by page.  Now, instead of students having their own booklet, they select the page and prompt that most interests them to write about. 

Each group is at the 'work on writing' spot twice a week, so they have plenty of time to pick a prompt, spend quality time writing on it, AND do one of our other writing options.  Their new requirement is that they need to turn in one quality response to a prompt each week.  This has already been a lot easier to manage than my previous process of searching through our classroom journals or their monthly booklet to see what they worked on for the day.  Now I just have one page to seek out per student and they are neatly placed in our "Best Work" basket waiting for me!

Here is one that seriously cracked me up today.  The prompt was to use the given design (an oval) to create any picture and then describe the picture.

I didn't get the full picture in this image, but there are sharks swimming in the water too!  Here is her description:

 Oh my gosh!  That guy is surfing a huge wave but he doesn't know how to surf!  He wanted to do it because he wanted to impress a girl by surfing in shark infested water!!  Let's just hope he makes it!

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