August 9, 2013

A Little Bird Told Me...

Have any of my teacher friends out there ever used Little Bird Tales in their classroom??  I used it with my 4th graders this past spring and they LOVED it!  It was perfectly kid friendly for them and gave them such an engaging, authentic way to share their learning - even with a wider audience as we shared the links digitally!  I am excited to find new ways to use it this year in kindergarten.  I don't envision the students themselves using it as actively this year, but I can picture it being a great tool for sharing what we are doing in class or creating digital stories for my students to listen to. logo

There is the option with the website to use the free teacher account or upgrade to a premium account to allow student profiles.  I only used the free account this year as I tested it and gave my students all the same username and password to work with.  This worked well for my class because they were all very respectful of one another's work.

  • I logged back in to the site this week to use it for a grad school project I'm working on (and audibly wished my kids were all here to remind me of the password...they were so much better at remembering that than I was!)  When I got logged in, I noticed a new tale had been created on my account since school had ended.  (I told you they were better at remembering the password than I was...) Curious, I opened it up and was immediately brought to tears.  Seems one of my little cherubs was thinking about me this summer.  Example A of why teaching is such a rewarding career:

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    1. What a beautiful gift they gave you!

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with Little Bird Tales! We are so happy you and your students love our site and we are working very hard to make it better and even easier to use and enjoy!

      It's easy to see that you teach with joy in your heart! Lucky kids!

      Amiee Klem
      Co-Founder Little Bird Tales